Jonathan Harris

A Threat to Democracy?

With the current COVID-19 crisis unfolding all around us and our eyes all focused on daily news briefings, you would be forgiven for having missed an emerging local story which will affect us all.

5 Apr 2020
Jonathan Harris2

One year on and everything but nothing has changed

12 months ago on the 18th July 2019, I won a stunning by-election for the Daventry District Council ward of Brixworth. We worked hard to replace one of our Tory councillors who had been 'missing in action' for the best part of six months, securing eventually over 50% of the vote and a 33% swing from the Conservatives. We still have another Tory councillor who most locals will tell you is continually missing in action.

18 Jul 2020

Liberal Democrat Councillor tackles homophobic bullying in schools

Councillor Richard Giddings, a Liberal Democrat Councillor at County Hall, is using his Councillor Empowerment Funding to tackle homophobic bullying in schools. Cllr Giddings has given £1800 in 2011/12 and 2012/13 to Stonewall to ensure that the Council is part of the "Education Champions" programme. As a result all schools in the county now receive resources and information to tackle homophobic bullying.