Campaign Teams

The executive committee recognised the geographical reality of a large area and divided the campaigning organisation into 3 obvious groups - which more or less mirror the old parties (and parliamentary seats) However we have incorporated all the suburbs into Northampton - meaning that the likes of Hunsbury, Upton, Grange Park etc. that are incorporated into Daventry and South Northants parliamentary constituencies to balance the numbers are naturally considered part of Northampton campaigning area The 3 campaign teams are Daventry, South Northants and Northampton - contact and activity info can be found below


Christine Ware - a Brixworth Focus team member - is the lead for the Daventry campaign team



James Tarry leads our Northampton campaign team and is your point of contact for Northampton North & South


South Northants

Dr Mark Allen is the lead for the South Northants campaign team


Upcoming Events

Please check in here as we announce more campaign events in the future