Ed Davey

Leader of the Liberal Democrats. MP for Kingston & Surbiton.

Ed Davey

Ed was a young carer for his mum, and now, with his wife Emily, raises his daughter Ellie and disabled son John. It is his experience of caring that drives much of his politics, and motivates his tireless campaigning for more NHS investment and a better deal for carers. 

Ed is a trained economist, and wrote the first Lib Dem policy on a universal basic income when he was Paddy Ashdown’s Economics Adviser. An MP for 20 years, Ed has the political and economics expertise we need in the hugely challenging times we face. 

Ed was the first party leader to call for a public inquiry into the Government’s handling of Covid, and for an extension to the Brexit deadline.

Ed knows how to win, and fought the Tories in Government when his policies trebled Britain’s renewable energy, creating hundreds of thousands of green jobs. That same experience is at the heart of his green recovery plan, which includes £150bn of investment in the green economy and calls for the UK to use at least 80% renewable energy by 2030.

As leader, Ed will make sure that the Liberal Democrats are listening to you and leading the fight for a fairer country.