The Budget - the verdict from two of our Parliamentary candidates

20 Mar 2023

The Budget has failed those struggling with the cost of living crisis and free childcare hours must be properly funded 


Two or our Parliamentary Candidates (PCs) in our area respond to Jeremy Hunt’s Budget:


“Being married to a former childcare provider we have been discussing the childcare issues for many years and this budget does nothing to alleviate the problems. In fact it is likely to exaggerate them.

“More funding for childcare is a long-overdue step in the right direction, and something the Lib Dems have been championing for years. But it’s crucial that the government funds free hours at the actual cost of providing them, otherwise it risks making the problems facing parents and childcare providers even worse.

“Relaxing staff-to-child ratios simply isn’t the answer. Children’s safety should be our number one priority, not reduced to a cost-cutting measure.”

  • Martin Sawyer, PC Northampton North


“This budget does very little for small businesses and public sector workers whilst at the same time rewarding some of the highest earners with generous pension changes. This should not be our priority, especially as many of us are continuing to feel the squeeze from the cost of living crisis with energy bills in particular remaining at record levels.

“Unfortunately this government has ignored Liberal Democrat calls for an immediate cut of the Energy Price Guarantee and better targeted support to the poorest, something that would help alleviate the worries and concerns of many.”

  • Stewart Tolley, PC South Northamptonshire