What are we doing for you?

Our existing County and District councils already have Liberal Democrat councillors.  Electing Liberal Democrat councillors for the new West Northamptonshire Council will guarantee one major difference from the Conservatives.  Our councillors work hard for you all year round.  You won’t just see us at election time.

We take our role of representing our constituents seriously.  We understand that we are elected to represent you; to listen to you,  to care and help to make your daily lives better.

Our track record shows, in places up and down the country, that Liberal Democrat councillors continue to play a major role in improving how councils are run and ensuring that those councils are focussed on priorities that matter to you.

As councillors, we make ourselves available and hold regular ‘listening posts’ either physically, or where this isn’t possible, virtually.  Liberal Democrat councillors are driven by a set of values which includes wanting to make a difference and to ultimately work to make everyone’s lives better on a day to day basis.

We take our role of connecting with residents very seriously and communicate with you throughout the year,  through our websites and our FOCUS newsletters.

First and foremost, we are local residents and understand the necessity of great services and will never lose sight of who we represent.