Town and Parish Councils

Town and Parish council elections will take place on the 6th May 2021.

Town Parish councils are the first tier of local government and make many of the decisions that affect people in localities and on day to day issues.

The main role of a Parish or Town Councillor is to represent the views of all residents within the Parish and to listen to, and understand, the views and needs of different groups in the community (such as young and older people). As a Councillor, there is a responsibility to be well-informed, especially about diverse local views.  In the new two-tier system,  Parish and Town councils will more than likely have a greater role to play in local issues and their decisions and actions will have even great significance.

Each Parish or Town council has an allocated number of places depending on the size of the parish.  Elections may not take place if there are spaces on the council. None the less, if you want to get in involved you could be 'co-opted' without being elected and still be able to shape things locally. 

The number of councillors on a Parish Council is set by the Unitary or District Council.

Key Responsibilities of Parish Councillors:

• As part of the Parish Council, Councillors may have responsibility for running local services such as public open spaces, play areas, village halls, community car schemes and potentially much more.

• Deciding how much to raise through the precept in order to deliver the Council’s services.

• Influencing and shaping the long term development policy for the Parish, and as part of the planning process, commenting on planning applications in the Parish.

• Improving the quality of life and the environment in the local area.

• Working to identify issues which are important to the lives of the residents you


• Working to bring about improvements through local projects, lobbying other service

providers and working in partnership with other Parishes, local authorities and


• Councillors together as a team are responsible for the financial decisions made and


Ask locally who your candidates are and why not even think about standing for election and getting involved.

Get involved. You can make a difference!