Talavera Candidates

Brendan Glynane

Brendan Glynane has lived and worked in Northampton all of life. He went to school in Northampton. He is married, his children and grandchildren live in Northampton. His daughter lives in the Talavera Ward, near Weston Favell. Brendan Is an experienced Lib Dem campaigner and spent 12 years on the old borough council. He has worked with and supported residents and groups across the town to get action from the Council to address residents concerns. He is pleased to have been selected to be part of the Liberal Democrat team for Talavera to fight for and raise concerns of the residents with the council. He looks forward to continuing his work with Cllr Dennis Meridith.

T: 07708 285961 E:  Talavera Email  Twitter: 

Dennis Meredith


Dennis moved to Northampton over 40 years ago first living in  Lumbertubs. He was very soon involved as a volunteer youth worker and a founder of member of the Residents Association. A councillor here since 2007  he has been tireless in getting things done for local people, keeping in touch with regular newsletters and when necessary giving advice to people on housing or social care issues

T: 07860 147600       E: [email protected]

Rona Meredith


Rona is a retired theatre nurse at NGH. She  has lived in the ward  for many years. After retiring Rona became the secretary  of Southfields Residents Association for several years. Rona is  a  Liberal Democrat Focus Team member, deliverer and campaigner who first stood for election in 2016. Rona will be a strong voice for community issues and a champion for the local environment.

T: 07779 384360       E: [email protected]