Our Vision For West Northamptonshire

Our vision is to refocus priorities,  rebuild the structures and culture of the council and re-engage with the residents of West Northamptonshire.  The two new councils of West and North Northamptonshire are only being created due to the abject failure of leadership from the Conservatives over the last fifteen years.  

We understand that this is your council and Liberal Democrat councillors will always listen to, and be the voice of, local residents.

Our Five A Day

Each and every day we will work actively to:

  • Protect the vulnerable
  • Tackle climate change and keep our area clean, tidy and well maintained
  • Build the sustainable homes that people need, where they need them
  • Do the right thing and help keep you safe
  • Help you to keep fit, healthy, informed and entertained

Our Seven Key Priorities

We believe that there are seven core areas that we must address to ‘fix’ the counci.  Each area is of equal importance and interdependent on the others. Each will be aligned to ensure that there are no conflicts




Providing Great Local Services For Those In Need 

Our duty will be to ensure that the newly created Children's Trust operating across West and North Northamptonshire performs safely and effectively to provide the highest level of care to those that need it most.

We will ensure that our Adult Social Care Service provides care and support to the most vulnerable  in society.  We will listen to what people feel and care about in terms of service provision.  Protecting the vulnerable, ensuring all are safe and that everyone in the community benefits from the great services and facilities.

A Listening Council to understand people’s needs so all people, are able to lead happy and independent lives. Services must be safe and effective for all people and their carers whatever their age or disability.

Our aim is to ensure all services are good or outstanding and great value for money, accessible both face to face and digitally.


Protecting And Enhancing Our Environment 

One of our key priorities will be to get to grips with the global challenge that is the climate emergency.  The majority of our councils in the previous three tier system have declared a 'climate emergency'.  We will ensure that action plans are established and acted on as a matter of priority to 'do our bit' with West Northamptonshire.  Our ambition will for a net zero carbon council by 2030.

We will use our leverage to encourage our service partners to set their own ambitious  targets.  Net zero will be a requirement for all of our service partners to adopt and strive for.

We will develop active travel plans ensuring connectivity for our communities in regard to rural transport.


A Better Future For Our Young People

The young are our future and the better we prepare them the stronger we will be – the economy, mental and physical health, positive attitudes and achievers. Everyone deserves a good chance and help getting there.

By delivering lifelong learning (with career advice and work experience opportunities), we will protect and evolve our libraries and community centres to include support for young people, encourage community projects, development environments and focus for our young people.

Fixing Our Broken Roads And Pavements

Northamptonshire as a whole has suffered from some of the most neglected roads and pathways in the whole of the country.  This has been the case for many years.

We will ensure that consideration is given to all options available as to how best to deliver this service, including the potential implementation of a 'parish steward' scheme to work on a more locally aligned, rapid response basis with our Town and Parish Councils.

Supporting A Local Economy That Works For All

We will support a local economy that works for everyone and provides quality employment; encouraging and developing the area, campaigning to attract the right infrastructure development and so attract the best employers and help drive all aspects of West Northamptonshire forward.

Our location provides us with unique services and a wide range of employers in many sectors including high tech engineering and warehousing and distribution – a strong and vibrant base to build on.

We will promote local businesses, Social Enterprises, Business Improvement Districts.


The Right Homes In The Right Places

Our aim is to provide the right homes, in the right place to meet local needs, planning a great environment around them, ensuring that all key services are available.

Ensuring that any developments have the lowest environmental impact, that we provide homes for people’s needs, with the correct mix and they meet local priorities with new council housing based on real need and enough affordable housing for first time buyers.



Build A Better Council

Listening – Caring – Competent:  we will deliver an effective council.

We will build an accountable, accessible and competent council, delivering great productivity, value for money and quality, ensuring that we don’t pay more for nothing better.

We will aim to create citizens assemblies around key policy areas, starting with making West Northamptonshire greener, cleaner and more sustainable.

We will never forget who we serve and that we are spending your money.