It has now been confirmed that local polls will go ahead on 6th May this year. Who do you want as your local representatives? You may not have had a say since 2015 given the Northamptonshire local council switch and the pandemic so it is more important than ever to vote and vote wisely. The switch of local government in Northamptonshire will see the county divided into two large councils; West and North.

West Northamptonshire Council covers a wide area. It includes all of Northampton as well as former Daventry and South Northamptonshire districts, all the way from Braunston on the Warwicks borders down to Kings Sutton near Banbury. If you prefer to vote without having to visit a polling station, postal voting is available to everyone. Anyone can apply for a postal vote and you can apply here: Get your postal vote

Watch the video on the whys and wherefores of the West Northamptonshire Council switch: Video about reorganisation



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